Seung-Gu Lee

Hi! I'm Seung-Gu. I'm a high school student at Kansas Academy of Math and Science (KAMS).

I'm passionate in computer science and programming. I really enjoy writing code to make my imaginations come true.

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Hi! I'm Seung-Gu Lee, and I'm an incoming first-year computer science student at University of Michigan (College of Engineering).

I am interested in computer science and software engineering. I really enjoy writing code to make my imaginations come true.

  • UMich Class of 2026
  • Languages: English, Korean
  • From: Seoul, S. Korea

Welcome you to my website, and thank you for your interest! If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at seunggu@sgl.dev!


Incoming first-year at University of Michigan (College of Engineering) - Class of 2026

Attending Kansas Academy of Math and Science (KAMS) - Class of 2022

  • Cumulative GPA: TBD
  • Major GPA: TBD


University of Michigan - Ann Arbor (Aug. 2022 - )

  • Major: Computer Science (B.S.E.)
  • College of Engineering
  • Class of 2026
  • GPA: TBD

Kansas Academy of Math and Science (KAMS)

  • Attended Aug. 2020 - May 2022
  • Early College Program at Fort Hays State University
  • GPA: 4.00
  • Location: Hays, KS
  • Link: fhsu.edu/kams

The Village School

  • Attended Aug. 2018 - May 2020
  • High school - boarding
  • GPA: 99.2% (unweighted)
  • Location: Houston, TX
  • Link: thevillageschool.com

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  • Computer Science: Data Structures, Foundations of Computing (Discrete Math), Comp Sci II, Intro to CS, Web Applications
  • Math: Linear Algebra, Multivariable Calculus, Calculus I-II

* As of May 2022



  • Java (advanced)
  • C++ (intermediate)
  • Python (beginner)

Web Development

  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • Java Web (servlets, MVC)
  • MySQL database

Game Development

  • Unity & C#
  • Nintendo Switch & Google Play developer


ITEEA National Robotics Competition: 3rd place

  • Java


Learn more about what I did in high school:

Download the PDF file of my resume:


If you have any questions, please email me at admin@seunggulee.dev.

Thank you!

Extracurricular Activities

Here are some of the extracurricular activities I did in high school:

Game Development (9-12)

Developed video games and published some of them on Nintendo Switch and Android. All profits are donated to charity.

Creative Collaboration Association (CCA) (10)

Founder and Leader of a social club where members bring fun activities to play. Also planned and conducted community service trips for the club.

Computer Science Research (11-12)

Will conduct a CS research with a Ph.D. professor at FHSU, minimum 3 credit hours.

Web Development Internship (10)

Completed a 4-week internship to maintain and upgrade the company's website.

Hackathons and Programming Competitions (11-12)

Participated in hackathons and programming competitions during some extended weekends or breaks. Occasionally won some prizes.

School Math Team (11-12)

Member of the school math team and participated in nation-wide weekly online competitions.

Residential Hall Council (11-12)

Member of the programming committee in the dorm council, scheduled activities for residents.

Tanzania Service Trip (10)

Went on a 1-week service trip to Tanzania. Helped a local museum maintain its botanical garden, and planted trees in a local neighborhood to stop the on-going soil erosion.

Programming Club (11-12)

Member of the Programming Club.

Math Club (10)

Co-leader of the Math Club.


Hexagon Defense

Hexagon Defense

Hexagon Defense is an arcade defense shooter game. Rotate the hexagon and shoot the enemies!

Platform: Nintendo Switch, Android
Made with: Unity, C#
Released: July 2020 (Android), February 2021 (Switch)



Student learning management system at KAMS for academic success.

Platform: Web
Made with: Java Web, MySQL, JavaScript
Released: March 2022



Seamlessly communicate with anyone in your school with ClassChat's open-invitation chat service.

Platform: Web (Desktop)
Made with: JSP, Servlet, Java, WebSocket, MySQL, JavaScript, CSS
Completed: Nov. 21-22, 2020