Hexagon Defense

Hexagon Defense is an arcade defense shooter game. Rotate the hexagon and shoot the enemies!

There are a variety of stages with different themes and difficulty that you can enjoy. Also, you can level-up powerful items to slaughter the enemies!

Survive, score high points, and put your name on the prestigious leaderboard.1 Download and play now!

★ Over 1,000 copies sold2 worldwide!
★ Released on the Nintendo Switch console!
★ Average rating of ☆5.0 (20+ reviews) on Google Play

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📢 Please do not pay for the game! Please reach out to admin@sgl.dev for a free download code.


Hexagon Defense has been self-published on Google Play (July 2020) and on Nintendo Switch (February 2021). It has sold over 1,000 copies so far! I am happy to be able to release my game on a selective console platform with high quality standards.

Skills Acquired

- Development: Feb. 2020 - July 2020 / Oct. 2020 - May 2021
- Published: July 2020 (Android), February 2021 (Switch)
- Platform: Nintendo Switch, Android
- Made with: Unity, C#

Nintendo Switch and Nintendo eShop is a trademark of Nintendo.
Google Play is a trademark of Google.

1) Leaderboard features available on Android devices only. A free Google Play Games account is required.
2) Data as of September 2021. Includes number of downloads on Nintendo eShop and Google Play combined.