Sauce Applicator Machine (SAM)

No need to get your hands dirty with SAM! SAM is a state-of-the-art sauce dispensing machine that automatically detects a food item and dispenses sauce onto it.

Users can choose from a variety of sauces using the Android tablet, which will be dispensed simultaneously. Equipped with two perpendicular rail actuators, SAM also allows users to print their name on the food with sauce.

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📢  This is a prototype of the robot. We could not implement some features due to time constraints.


This was project was for ENGR 100-850 (Robotics Mechanisms) class at the University of Michigan. The team of four worked hard to design and build the robot in an extremely short timeframe of ~5 weeks.

My role included:
- Engineering and coding the software for the robot and the Android app
- Communicating with stakeholders to ensure the robot met their needs
- Contributing to team's discussion and presentation
- Designing the presentation slides and editing the video

Skills Acquired

- Development: Oct. 2022 - Dec. 2022
- Platform: Robot
- Made with: Arduino, Android Studio