Vex Robot (KAMS, 2022)

The student team at Kansas Academy of Math and Science (KAMS) designed a robot for the 2022 ITEEA national competitions based on Vex's "Tipping Point".

The robot was designed to be able to grab the "mobile goals" and carry them towards the team's side, scoring points. It also had a custom-made 3D print model attached at its back that would push down the "elevated platforms" to score bonus points.

My Role:
- Programmed the robot's manual and autonomous code using C++
- Designed the 3D print model using Autodesk Sketchup
- Controlled the robot in the competition
- Designed the research poster

The robot placed in 1st place in the individual battles, defeating universities around the country including Purdue University. Overall, the robot placed in 3rd place.

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Skills Acquired

- Development: Jan. 2022 - Apr. 2022
- Platform: Robot
- Made with: Vex (C++)